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AT&T IoT Platforms M2X and Flow Designer … According to GE, “Cities will be able to use AT&T’s M2X and Flow Designer open platforms for economic development

Network Virtualization With VMware NSX Technology Series Pt 1

This Technology series covers Network Virtualization with VMware flagship product NSX. This covers the some core architectural principles of VMware NSX starting with the basics such as the history behind VMware NSX product, the business case for NSX, the use cases for NSX and building up a solid knowledge spanning from NSX Overview, NSX Technology primer […]

Design, Build and Deploy IoT Solutions in Minutes using the AT&T Flow Designer

The AT&T Flow provides runtime support for complex, nonstandard  protocol translation, data processing  and integrations.  Flow also provides the custom extension point to allow developers to create data processing components and  services not offered by the AT&T IoT platform. Unlock the power of the Internet of Things by prototyping, building and hosting IoT applications with […]

OpenStack Summit 2016 Re-Cap – A Guide to Practical OpenStack Network Virtualization using OVN

OVN (pronounced “oven”) is a rapidly growing, open source solution being developed by the Open vSwitch (OVS) community that provides network virtualization for OVS. While OVN isn’t designed to work with VMware Integrated OpenStack, it’s another OpenStack project to which VMware has been devoting time and effort, and definitely worth knowing about. Read more at […]

AWS IoT Simple Beer Service-Deploy and Manage Series 1

AWS IoT Simple Beer Service Learning Series: It is amazing how fast IoT space is evolving. Hardware truly have evolved into being very much software centric. In just a little more than a year, it has become far easier to go from an IoT idea to something that looks and works great. The AWS IoT […]

The master key to understanding the IoT Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been labeled as “the next Industrial Revolution” because of the way it will change the way people live, work, entertain, and travel, as well as how governments and businesses interact with the world. In fact, the revolution is already starting. Read more:

Your Guide To The Best IoT Programming Languages

Many companies today are jumping onto the bandwagon of Internet of Things and expanding it even further onto the Internet of Everything. Most of those Top companies are either working on delivering or already delivering IoT solutions in the area of home automation, Industry automation, IoT Platforms and energy management solution. However, the DevOps Teams […]


VCAP6-DCV Design exam is a very in depth advance certification exams that requires your understanding of business requirements and translating them from conceptual, logical and physical design through a project life-cycle taking into consideration associated risks, constraints and assumptions to project realization. In my preparation for this advance level certification, I have gathered some in […]

Top 20 NSX articles for September 2016

Here is VMware’s Top 20 NSX articles list for September 2016. Top 20 NSX articles for September 2016

Top 20 vSAN articles for September 2016

Top 20 vSAN articles for September 2016